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Updating Conga Orchestrate's App Logo

  This documentation only pertains to upgrading to Conga Orchestrate from ProcessComposer 12.13 and all earlier versions.

When upgrading to the latest version of Conga Orchestrate, you must change the Conga Orchestrate App's logo to reflect current branding. Current Salesforce functionality does not allow the installed package to automatically update the logo. Follow the steps below to change the Conga Orchestrate application's logo in Lightning and in Classic after upgrading.

Before updating the Conga Orchestrate logo, ensure that you renamed the Conga Orchestrate App.

Updating the Conga Orchestrate Logo in Classic

  1. Navigate to the Setup menu.
  2. Under the Build section of the Setup menu, click the Create arrow to expand the list of options and then click Apps.
  3. Click Edit next to Conga Orchestrate.
  4. Click Insert an Image.
  5. In the pop-out window's dropdown menu, select the Logo folder. 
  6. Select the Conga Orchestrate Logo.
  7. Click Save on the Conga Orchestrate App record. 

Updating the Conga Orchestrate Logo in Lightning

  1. Search for "Conga Orchestrate Logo" in the master search bar and click the record that is found.
  2. In the top menu, click Download to download the logo to your computer. 
  3. Navigate to the Setup menu.
  4. Under the Platform Tools section of the Setup menu, click Apps to expand the list of options and then click App Manager.
  5. Locate both records of Conga Orchestrate. One record is for the Lightning App and the other is for the Classic App. Repeat the steps below for both Apps.
  6. Click the dropdown arrow for the Conga Orchestrate record and select Edit.
  7. Under the Image, click the small blue Clear button.
  8. Click Upload and select the recently download Conga Orchestrate Logo.
  9. Click the Save button.