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Process Configuration Introduction

The container holding process Steps is called a Definition. A Definition is the template for a process, and the Definition includes one or more Steps. At each Step, a Record is created, email sent, field updated, document generated, or webservice callout sent. An Event Placeholder Step waits for an Event associated with the process (and with a matching Sub-Type value) to create before any of the Steps following it (Child Steps) can begin. Thus, it holds the place of an Event that will occur as part of the process.

A Definition is the template for an individual process, the conditions under which it is created (Object, Record Type, Criteria) and which Steps kick off as a result.

A Definition tells the system:

  • When a process should execute (object type, record type, or any additional criteria).
  • The order in which the steps occur
  • Conditions under which to create steps
  • What steps are grouped together (staging)

A process executes when a record is created or updated in Salesforce. The record must match the Object Name field on the Definition and the Record Type must match the Object Record Type field on the definition. In addition, if you wish to further qualify the process, add additional process criteria that the record must match. (See the decision tree to help determine when Record Types and criteria apply.) You base the criteria on the following list of field types. The criteria can look at fields on the object you specify in the Object Name field for the Definition. You can also base criteria on fields from the related account and contact.

  • Text fields
  • Picklist fields
  • Checkbox fields
  • Currency fields
  • Number fields
  • Percent fields
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