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Step Creation Conditions

In general, a new Step starts when the Step before it completes. It often makes sense to create additional conditions to determine when a Step should create. For this, use Step Creation Conditions. These are criteria that must equal True in order for the Step to create.

Refer to creating a Definition and Steps before creating Step Creation Conditions.

  1. Navigate to the Step in which you want to add the condition.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. Scroll down to the Step Creation Conditions section.
  4. Select the + Add Creation Condition link.
  5. Configure the fields.
    • Object Select- Select the specified process object defined on the definition or the immediate parent to this step. This list is dynamically populated based on the process object and parent step.
    • Field Select - Select the field to which this step should be dependent. This list is dynamically populated based on the Object Name chosen.
    • Operator - Select how the Field Name compares to the Field Value field.
    • Field Value - Enter the Field Value or select the Field Value from the drop-down list box depending on the Field Name you select.
    • Data Type - Displays the data type of the selected Field Name. This field auto-populates. Note: Auto number, date, datetime, geolocation, and time fields are not supported.
  6. Select the + Add Row link to add more criteria, if needed.
  7. Scroll up and select the Save button.

Watch this video for more information:

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