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Create a Document to Sign

Conga Sign supports PDF and Microsoft Word documents. To create a new document to Sign, you can either upload the document after clicking Preview and Tag and then drag and drop fields onto the document or create signature tags ahead of time and save the document on the record as a Salesforce File.

Another option is to use Conga Composer to generate the document with signature tags in it and then send for signature with Conga Sign. For more information, see Using Sign with Conga Composer.

 The maximum file size for a Conga Sign document is 10 MB or 100 pages. The maximum amount of Conga Sign tags per document is 1000 tags.

To upload document and add tags:

  1. Click Preview and Tag.
  2. Tag the document with signature fields, initial fields, or any other fields you require.
    • Drag and Drop the blocks from the left-hand panel into the document.

     Documents requiring more than one signer have an extra bar at the top of the document with color-coded names to distinguish field blocks.

To manually add signature tags:

  1. Manually add signature tags to the document.
  2. For a list of signature tags, see Conga Sign Signature Tags.
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