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Conga Support

List of recognized Adobe Sign formats for signature tags

Conga Sign recognizes Adobe Sign formats for signature tags. The table shows the supported syntax, where 1 is the signer index [1..10]:

Purpose Adobe sign Tag
Signer Signature Tag     {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:signature}}
Signer Initials Tag   {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:initials}}
Signer Title Tag   {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:title}}
Signer Company Tag     {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:company}}
Signer Full Name Tag     {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:fullname}}
Signer E-mail Address Tag     {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:email}}
Signer Signed Date Tag     {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:date}}‌}

Standard Adobe Sign Tag syntax: {‌{<Prefix><FieldName>_es_:<Role>:<FieldType>:<Rule1>:<Rule2>}}

Ignored Adobe Features

Adobe Sign has some optional flags that can be applied to a tag, such as required and read-only. These flags can be added using prefixes, as follows:

{‌{*!<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:title}‌}   where * == required, ! == read-only

The flags can be trailing the suffix, as follows: {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:title:readonly:required}‌}

Unsupported Adobe Features

Adobe Sign has some other tag types, such as tags that allow custom tag input, and tags that dynamically execute expressions or logic to determine actions. Note that none of these types are supported by Conga Sign. These tags are treated as blocks of text.

  • Custom input tag without a trailing field type:  {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1}‌}
  • Dynamic return value through a calculator, dynamic hide or show through show if rule:  {‌{<UniqueFieldName>_es_:signer1:calc(1+4):showif(1+4>6)}‌}

For more information on Adobe Sign text tags, see Adobe Sign text tags.