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Reassigning Signers in Conga Sign

Reassign a Signer in a Conga Sign Transaction

Conga Sign offers the flexibility to easily re-assign a signer's designated signature tags to a different signer after the initial Conga Transaction is sent.

Reassigning signers is useful in scenarios where the initial designated signer would like to pass signature responsibilities to a different contact within their organization. 


Follow the directions below to reassign a designated signer's Conga Sign tags to a different signer:

  1. Open the Conga Sign Transaction email as the initial designated signer. 
  2. Click the Click Here hyperlink next to the reassign signer prompt.
  3. Fill out the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields to identify the new reassigned signer. 
    • (Optional) Fill out the Optional Message field with a explanation of the document or signing responsibilities.clipboard_eb41dc8c95ffd43fd8d6e5c3f155cfd48.png
  4. Click the Send Now button
    • A prompt will appear letting the user know that the Signer Reassignment is complete. clipboard_efd6afb318206f26153695479cb0b74c6.png

After a signer reassigns signature responsibilities to a new signer, the reassigned signer receives a new Conga Sign Transaction email prompting them to complete the signature tags.

The Conga Sign user who sent the Transaction and the initial signer both receive confirmation emails detailing the successful re-assignment of the signature responsibilities. The new reassigned signer also receives all standard email notifications related to the Transaction moving forward. 


 Reassigned signers are accounted for in the Conga Sign Transaction record and the related Audit Trail. If a signer reassigns their designated signatures to a new signer, their status is marked as DECLINED on the Conga Sign Transaction record.





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