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Resize Conga Sign Tags

Resize Conga Sign Tags

Conga Sign has the capability to increase and decrease the size of Conga Sign tags within the Preview and Tag user interface.

Different use cases and the corresponding templates have varying requirements, many of which need smaller and larger tag sizes. Conga Sign offers flexibility to change tag size on the fly. You can resize both standard and custom Conga Sign tags by simply hovering above the tag and dragging the corners. 

In the Preview and Tag user interface, all tags (Custom tags, Basic tags, and Write Back tags) initially have the same default size. When resizing tags, the text size and tag properties are automatically proportioned to the resized tag. Conga Sign offers four tag sizes for text fields, each with a matching text size. 

  It is recommended to resize and test Conga Sign tags in your template prior to sending for signature. This allows you to determine the appropriate tag size to best fit the template.