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Conga Support

Setting Default Values for Write Back Tags

Conga Sign has the capability to set a pre-populated default value for write back tags. Signers can keep or change the default value in the Conga Sign document. The value entered in the completed document is then updated on the corresponding field in Salesforce.

There are two ways to pre-populate default values in Conga Sign write back tags. 

  • Using Conga Composer merge fields to dynamically populate a record specific default value
  • Populate a static value that is not record specific default value

Dynamically populating a default value for write back tags requires Conga Composer, as it requires merge fields. This is the only method available for referencing Salesforce field values as default values in write back tags. For more information, see About Conga Composer.

Using Conga Composer Merge Fields to Set a Dynamic Default Value

After obtaining the text-based merge field from Conga Composer's Template Builder, adjust the write back tag's syntax to include the code for default values as demonstrated below.

\wb1 {"apiName":"Account_Field__c", "defaultValue":" {{ACCOUNT_FIELD}}"}\

Using Static Data to Set a Default Value

Use the syntax below to reflect a static value in a write back tag.

\wb1 {"apiName":"Account_Field__c", "defaultValue":" Blue"}\


For more information about write back tags, see Write Back tags.