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Setting a Write Back Tag as Optional or Required

Required versus Optional Write Back Tags

Conga Sign Write Back tags can be set as required or optional for signers.

If a Write Back tag is set as Required, Signers cannot complete the Conga Sign Transaction until the required Write Back tag is filled out. Conversely, configuring a Write Back tag as optional allows signers to complete the Conga Sign Transaction without filling out the Write Back tag. 

Write Back functionality allows one signer per Write Back tag in a Conga Sign Transaction to prevent multiple field updates on the same record in Salesforce.

Setting a Write Back Tag as Required or Optional

Setting a Write Back tag as required or optional is done in the Write Back Configuration section of Conga Sign Setup object. 

To set a tag as Required  or Optional:

  1. Navigate to Write Back Configuration section of the Conga Sign Setup object.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the related field and click Edit.
  3. Check the Required field to make the tag required for signers. 


The required Write Back field appears with a red outline and the Signer cannot complete the signing until the field is filled out.