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Setting the Text Size of Conga Sign Tags

Conga Sign features the ability to set the text size of tags in a pre-tagged document. Setting the text size of tags in a pre-tagged document saves users time, as they do not need to re-size tags manually in the Preview and Tag user interface. 

When using a Conga Sign integrated Composer button, set the text size of your tags in the pre-tagged document and leverage the DS7 parameter to send the document with resized tags in background mode. 

Setting the text size in a pre-tagged document is available for standard tags, custom tags, and write-back tags. The available sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large. All tags other than the standard Initial and Signature tags retain the default medium tag size if a tag size is not defined. The standard Signature and Initial tags retain a default size of extra large.

Setting the Text Size for Different Tag Types

The syntax for tag size differs depending on the the type of tag. The Signature and Initial tags use the size property in the tagging syntax. All other other tags use the textsize property in the tagging syntax to determine tag size. Add the following syntax to the end of your tag:

Signature and Initial Tags - {"size":"add tag size here"}.

All other Conga Sign tags - {"textsize":"add tag size here"}.

  The textsize property will not work with the Signature and Initial tags. Ensure that you use the correct size or textsize property syntax when setting a tag's size.

Available Tag Sizes

Use the following sizes in the tag syntax to modify the size of the tags in the pre-tagged document.

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • x-large
Tag Size Syntax Examples for Each Tag Type

The examples below demonstrate tag sizing syntax for each tag types. 

  • Signature tag: \signature1 {"size":"medium"}\
  • Initial tag: \initial1 {"size":"small"}\
  • Standard tag: \title1 {"textsize":"small"}\
  • Custom tag: \customtext1 {"label":"Address", "textsize":"medium"}\
  • Write-back tag: \wb1 {"apiName":"Customer_Email__c", "textsize":"x-large"}\

Example of Different Tag Sizes in a Conga Sign Document

Here is an example of tag sizing for different tag types in a pre-tagged document.


Test out the sizing of each tag in the Preview and Tag user interface to ensure it best fits your document.


Once the Conga Sign document is received, the input text automatically resizes based upon the defined size for each tag.