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Conga Support

Using Conga Sign in Salesforce Communities

Use a Conga Sign-integrated Trigger solution in a Salesforce Community to generate and send documents for e-signature. Conga Trigger calls Conga Sign through a Salesforce Workflow Rule and bypasses the Conga Sign user interface.

Conga Trigger is a paid add-on and is not included with Composer.

Create a Conga Sign-Integrated Trigger Solution

To create a Conga Sign-integrated Trigger solution:

  1. Create a Conga Sign-integrated Composer button.
  2. Convert the Composer button into a Conga Trigger formula field using the Conga Trigger Formula Builder.
    • The Conga Trigger formula field must have Qmode=CongaSign.
  3. Create a Salesforce Workflow Rule for the Conga Trigger Solution. The Workflow Rule determines the criteria for when the document is merged and sent with Conga Sign.
  4. Test the Conga Trigger solution to confirm it successfully creates a Conga Sign Transaction. 

  The Conga Sign user interface does not successfully redirect Community users back to a record in a Community. Conga Trigger bypasses the user interface and successfully allows users to generate and send documents with Conga Sign.