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Salesforce is Enforcing My Domain for Spring '17

What is Happening?

In the Spring '17 release, Salesforce is enforcing My Domain for all partners and customers in order to provide a more seamless maintenance experience.

By enabling My Domain in the beginning, partners and customers are prevented from accidentally making more work for themselves, by using hard-coded references to instance names (like, for example.

If you have Conga Solutions with hard-coded Salesforce server references, you will need to update those references when you enable My Domain.

Gathering data for Conga Composer using Salesforce reports will not work in the Lightning experience. If you are using the Lightning experience, all reports will need to be replaced with queries to gather data for your Composer solutions.

My Domain is also now required to:

  • Authenticate to Salesforce using Single Sign-On / Social Sign-On from an External IdP
  • Use Salesforce as an Identity Provider (IdP) for Single Sign-On to External Web Properties
  • Brand and customize Salesforce’s login experience 
  • Be authenticated to > 1 Salesforce Org in the same browser
  • Use custom or third-party Lightning components in Lightning Component Tabs, Lightning Pages, the Lightning App Builder, or standalone apps

What Action do I Need to Take?

  1. Ensure that Conga Solutions do not contain hard-coded Salesforce server references.
  2. If using Solution Manager, you must update your Remote Site Settings.

The enablement of My Domain is not required by Spring '17, but it is highly recommended as a best practice, and all new orgs will be required to set up My Domain in the future. Additionally, new features and capabilities are being built such that My Domain is required, including Lightning Components, Customization Branding/Content, Maximized Uptime and more.