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Changes in Salesforce Winter '16 Release

Salesforce Winter '16 Release significantly alters the user experience for Conga Batch, Conga Solution Manager, and Conga Global Merge solutions. Please review the details below to more fully understand what your users will encounter.

Lightning Experience

This initial Lightning Experience release does not have complete parity with Salesforce Classic. A list of features and gaps can be found on this Salesforce site.

Of particular importance is the lack of support for buttons and reports in the Winter '16 Release. We hope to see these features in a future release of Salesforce.

If you choose to use Composer within Lighting Experience, you must convert Conga Composer custom buttons to custom links.

Custom links are supported and are located in the System Information area at the bottom of the Details panel.

Conga Courier uses reports, which are not supported in this release of the Lightning Experience. Courier Solutions will continue to work in Salesforce Classic mode.

We recommend that you continue to use Salesforce Classic mode. As an administrator, you can enable or disable Lightning Experience, based on edition. For details, see Enabling Lightning Experience (Trailhead).

Redirection Warning from Conga Batch, Solution Manager, and Global Merge

This issue has been fixed in the Harvard Release, now available for download.

Salesforce Classic mode looks identical to the pre-Winter '16 releases, and it functions almost identically. However, Winter '16 introduces a new warning message that affects the following Conga products:

Launching a Conga Batch operation

Launching Composer from a Conga Solution Manager record

Launch a Conga Global Merge operation

We are working with Salesforce support to suppress this warning message.

This affects Conga applications as follows:

Conga Composer solutions continue to work as expected.

Scheduled Conga Batch solutions continue to run automatically as expected.

Testing solutions by using the Launch Composer button in Solution Manager will display a warning pop-up.  Click OK to run the solution.

Conga Batch solutions launched manually will display a warning pop-up.  Click OK to run the solution.

The warning pop-up contains the complete button URL and an OK button center-aligned in the window. Some of the text and the button may be hidden. When the warning first appears for a Conga Composer solution, it resembles the one below:

Use the scroll bar or drag the lower right corner of the window to increase its size and to see the button. Click OK to close the pop-up and run the solution.

Solution Manager Remote Sites

In addition, you will have to re-set your Remote Sites to the new Winter '16 Release servers.

To configure remote sites for Conga Solution Manager:

  1. Navigate to Conga Solutions under the App menu.

  2. Click Conga Solutions Setup.

    A list appears of the Remote Sites required to be set up in order to use Solution Manager.

  3. To add a site, click the Add Site link to the right of each Remote Site URL.

    The Remote Site Edit screen will open in a new window with the Remote Site Name and Remote Site URL fields populated.

  4. Click Save to save the Remote Site setting.

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