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Conga Support

And the Contest Winner is: Traction on Demand with some Holiday Cheer!


In third place: Brad Warnock at Simplus

A close second: Jason Cook at Sputnik Moment

And the winner is: Kevin Willemse over at Traction on Demand with his truly unique internal solution that showed Conga to the rescue for the Holidays.


What requirement did you have?

It was mid-December 2014 and Traction had not considered how we would send holiday email greetings to our hundreds of customers and loyal advocates... then our CEO says:

"Hmmm... imagine we take photos of every staff member in festive attire... we then format them into framed jpegs, cross reference them with our customer project teams, compile them into one customized pdf, and send to every customer a card that show all the Tractionites that worked on their projects during the year, ordered by role and with customized text?"

My response? "Um, okay.... Conga!" and we started gathering photos of everyone in ridiculous Xmas gear, and cleaning up our project team records in Salesforce...


Briefly describe your Conga Solution

With a Box of all staff photos, and Salesforce linking them to projects, we created a Conga template that ran in our org, pulled in the cover photo, laid out all the images that were relative to that customer/contact, customized the text to them, pulled in a collage of all staff, and produced a custom Xmas card attached to that contact record, and then also emailed it to that customer!

Biggest challenges were size, our first run produced cards with some over 100 photos, some 20mb big! it was a challenge to use the resizing options across Conga and the images themselves to fit into an email size that suited a mass email message. We had to reduce the batch runs and monitor them being output, but at the end it was successful and we generated out hundreds of great looking, custom cards.

Comments about the Solution? How did the use of Conga streamline things for your organization?

With Conga Batch and Composer we went from zero ideas to having sent out a fully custom, media-rich, automated card to all customers in 4 days.

It was a lot of effort but always fun to test the boundaries of Conga and ones imagination. We received a lot of positive customer feedback for our card since many customers only ever hear of or have phone conferences with their broader project teams, so this put faces to names and connected us.

Without Conga we would never have been able to run such a merge so quickly. We gave this the green light around Dec 16 and had the card out by Dec 21! It's a story we talk about here at Traction and was great fun to build. The Conga support team also helped us when we hit some snags and challenges and as always were great.