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Creating a one page "Matter" using Conga and Skuid

One of our Alliance Partners’ VennScience out of New Hampshire recently built a truly innovative solution using Conga & Skuid for one of their clients. See below how the Skuid integration is the perfect time saver for your clients.


A single page that allows for a 360-degree view of one client’s data is a nirvana-state achievement for most businesses. In the professional service industry, that single page may be a project. In the legal space in particular, that single page is a matter. By leveraging various applications that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce such as Conga and Skuid, it is possible to create a sleek matter user interface to optimize visibility into a client’s key data while simultaneously offering a feature-rich tool set for generating critical client documents at the click of a button.


Attorneys and paralegals need the ability to generate letterheads, envelopes, fax cover sheets, and settlement statements for key matter contacts at the click of a button. These documents may vary depending on specified matter or contact related data it is being generated for.

The billing department needs the ability to generate invoices from attorney and paralegal timesheets and expenses at the click of the button. Invoices need to be generated singularly or en masse, including the ability to consolidate Invoices into a single PDF by attorney for easy printing and proofreading.

The billing department needs the ability to mass email invoices to clients at the click of a button, including the ability to monitor their delivery statuses and to send more than the standard Salesforce outbound email daily limit.


Combining Conga with other Salesforce-friendly applications such as Skuid and SendGrid resulted in an extremely powerful tool set that was utilized to build an optimal user experience in a full-featured Salesforce instance.

Conga Composer was leveraged to build numerous complex templates required to generate documents such as invoices, settlement statements, letterheads, envelopes, and fax cover sheets.

Conga Batch was utilized to email invoices en masse. The emails are routed through SendGrid to bypass the standard Salesforce outbound email daily limit. SendGrid also provides detailed analyses of deliverability results such as opens and bounce backs.

Skuid was leveraged to provide a fully optimized custom user interface to display various related Salesforce objects on one page. This provided attorneys and billing users alike the coveted 360-degree matter view that is essential to providing actionable data in a meaningful and user-friendly environment.

Matter Page Snippet with Skuid Subtabs and Conga Button

Matter Page Snippet with Matter Contacts Skuid Table and Conga Row Actions

Sample Settlement Statement (Click for full file)

Final Note:

Companies seeking to enhance their Salesforce instance by offering a fully-optimized user interface and world-class document generation functionality would be hard-pressed to achieve more than a Skuid + Conga solution could provide.

Contact VennScience atinfo@vennsci.comto see how these two market-leading technologies can be professionally implemented for your company today.

by: Grace Klingensmith

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