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Embedded Conga Training for Your Organization

There is so much to learn when onboarding new consultants and so much ongoing training needed for existing consultants. Where do you begin? Certainly core workstreams, processes, and other formalities must take precedence. Everything else either falls through the cracks or does not get sufficient attention. These short comings can be costly.

One of the things that can fall through the cracks is document generation for Salesforce. By the time you get to this topic your training resources are nearly empty and your consultants are nearly full. What to do?

Embed Conga training.

As valued Conga partners you have access to Conga University online resources at no cost. Take advantage of this offering by incorporating Conga University content into your existing onboarding and continuing education efforts.

At your disposal is our newly completed Conga Composer Essential training series, which consists of 10 hours of self-paced instructional material broken down into 10 minute activities and lessons. The courses in the training series cover our flagship product - Conga Composer - and everything you need know to get Composer solutions up and running in your clients' Salesforce organizations.

The flexible-structure of our online content allows you to pick and choose topics that are most relevant to you. Your consultants can finish one activity or lesson and come back later for the rest, or sit through multiple lessons at once to get the information they need. The content can also be consumed on a "just in time" basis, meaning consultants can take what they need in that moment to gain the critical Conga skills necessary to complete an implementation.

How does it work? If you are interested in making Conga University a part of your consultant training program, it can be as easy as embedding links in your existing learning management system (if you have one) or in your training materials. Access will then be provided on an individual basis to each trainee, who uses the links and a unique login to access the Conga University system. You can also assign a Super User to manage your own consultant group in Conga University, which entails that super user being able to assign content to individual consultants, view progress and results, and also run reports to view your group's activity.

We will explore Conga Embedded Training in more detail next month, so stay tuned!

If you are eager to get started, contact the Partner team at or the training team at


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