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Conga Support

How John Backhouse Associates uses Conga, Action Grid, and Form Assembly to streamline their solution


John Backhouse Associates specialise in Salesforce Solutions. Steve Exeter of Clarins (UK) Ltd contacted us to see how we could meet the needs of his Training Department. We certainly did, with a little help from some Apps.

The Need:

Clarins’ Training Department arrange hundreds of training courses a year across the UK which are attended by many thousands of Beauty Advisers and Specialists from their stores. Whilst speed is of the essence, so is accuracy when processing so many invites and responses. Crucially, all correspondence with attendees must meet strict presentational guidelines and so a conventional email/response system did not fit the bill - but we still needed to capture RSVPs electronically.

The Solution:

Conga Grid, Salesforce and Conga integrate seamlessly to provide an easily manageable user interface.

Conga Grid embeds in the Contact page providing an Excel-like Actionable list, including Conga Composer & Conga Batch Solutions.

Conga produces perfect responsive emails for all invitees, including links to FormAssembly.

This is part of the FormAssembly RSVP page, which allows attendees to update dietary preferences and other details


The solution provided using CongaMerge and Conga Grid has been so successful that new phases of development are already booked and three other departments within Clarins (UK) Ltd are starting to use the system.

We look forward to helping you with your Salesforce Solution.