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How to Deploy a Conga Solution Pack in Minutes

INTRO: Have you ever wanted to demo Conga Composer in a new dev or sandbox org? Don’t have the time to build out a clean custom solution? You are in luck! The new Conga Solution Packs allow you to deploy and have a running solution in minutes.

THE NEED: Get a working Conga Solution in a new org in minutes.

Now available on our support page, we have 3 pre-built Conga Solution Packs

  • Composer - Pre-built Account Brief, Invoice and Proposal
  • DocuSign - Pre-built Contract and Quote
  • Adobe eSign - Pre-built Contract and Quote

THE SOLUTION: These pre-built Conga Solutions (requires version 8.8 or higher of Conga Composer) allow you to - Click ~ Install ~ Deploy ~ Merge! It’s just that easy.

From the support page of the Conga website you can select any of the three pre-built solution packs to install.

Now simply Unpack, Create your Composer buttons and Merge!

If you have any questions, please Contact Support.