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Partner Testimonial

Great App, Awesome Company, Unbelievable Customer Service

Conga Composer has unlimited use cases for your business requirements; invoices, quotes, timesheets, etc. In addition, the company gives such a fun vibe, with their blog posts, and marketing, you just can't stop. The best part about Conga Composer, is the customer service.

I first used the app back in 2009, when I was still new to the world of Salesforce. I was working on an implementation with the most complex dynamic document I have seen yet to this day. I was struggling. With a tight budget and limited time, I couldn't just struggle through, so I contacted Conga. The experience I had was the best customer service experience I have every had in my life. The help was phenomenal, the person I spoke with was so understanding, relaxed, and knowledgable, that I was able to stop worrying about my time crunch and build a solution for the long-term roadmap, and confidently train my client on using the app.

I have since implemented over 15 Conga solutions, wouldn't hesitate to use Conga again.

Meighan Brodkey

Salesforce Engineer



Thanks Meighan! We appreciate your comments. We're thrilled to have been your document generation app of choice over the years. Our partners make merging documents and creating solutions fun business!

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