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Project Management with Conga and Taskray

INTRO: TaskRay provides modern project management on the Salesforce platform. Conga Composer can use TaskRay project data to create a project summary in PDF that shows project progress to date, deliverables, open tasks, and tasks by resource.

THE NEED: Generate project summary documents without leaving the TaskRay Tab.

THE SOLUTION: Create a hyperlink formula field on the TaskRay Project object to run Conga Composer. The solution should contain a Word template, which is a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) that contains one or more merge fields. and queries to retrieve project tasks filtered by project. The solution can then be launched directly from the project card in TaskRay.

Hyperlink formula field on the TaskRay Project object, which gets added to the TaskRay Project Field Set to appear on the TaskRay Tab.

The Project Summary link is now visible on the TaskRay Project lightbox for an individual project opened from the TaskRay tab. Clicking this link runs the Composer solution filtered for that individual project.

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