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The Chrysalis "Conga and Skuid" - Success Story


How Chrysalis uses Conga and Skuid to meet their custom layout and document needs.

Chrysalis provides 24 hour care for people with intellectual disabilities like autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, traumatic brain injuries and other intellectual disabilities. Chrysalis patients live in the community in 3 to 4 bedroom homes. Chrysalis provides 24 hour staffing, nursing services, Applied Behavior Analysis services (ABA), as well as managing patient finances and paying all their bills on their behalf. Chrysalis uses Salesforce to track patient demographics, medical history, prescriptions, personal finances, housing leases, housing repairs, quality assurance inspections, vehicles, scheduling, billing, caseloads, day programs, and external contacts. Built on the platform with a beautiful UI created with Skuid and custom form generation powered by Conga, Chrysalis has created a unique and incredibly personalized business/patient management system that can meet all of their business needs.


Customized layout and documents to efficiently run business operations. Just a few of the needed documents/solutions: Facesheet, Annual Summary, Medical Forms and Nurse Notes.


Using Conga and Skuid allowed Chrysalis to setup custom layout designs and custom document solutions that are professional and once setup are only a button click to generate.

Example 1:

In this screen at the top right “Facesheet”, “Annual Summary”, “Print Medical Forms” and “Print Nurses Notes” are all Conga Buttons.

Example 2:

Step 1 of 3 On the above screen we navigated to the Medical tab and the Prescriptions sub tab and click the“Create Fusion MAR” button which triggers a Skuid Pop-Up with a Skuid multistep Wizard tool

Step 2 of 3: They then select the first date that they will begin tracking. And then click next step.

Step 3 of 3 It now shows the full date range that will be on the tracking Record. IF the date range is correct click “Print MAR” to fire the conga button and print in background mode. By adjusting the date range we allow customizability of each form based on the client’s start date.

Here is a screen shot of the form. By selecting the date range the days of the month across the top of the form all show 30 days (a typical medication cycle).Some months have 31 days some have 28 days this automatically calculates the dates correctly and does 30 days every time.

Example 3:

From the calendar tab you can make an appointment on the SKUID calendar and a custom pop up appears or you can click on an existing appointment to get the pop-up to appear. We can enter new appointments this way, Or if we are running to an appointment the “Print Medical Appointment Form” triggers a Conga form. And the “Print Vegas Medical Form” triggers a Nevada medical form. This conga form taps into multiple objects including the Event, the Account, Prescriptions, and Contact. Conga allows us to grab the date and time of the appointment and the client and contact it is scheduled with and add all the prescriptions and other medical information to create a beautiful form sourced from multiple objects. Even cooler, Utah employees only see the Utah button and Nevada employees only see the Nevada button based on Skuid conditional rendering. I see both since I am an admin.

The finished Conga form would be locked down with only some editable data.

By Clicking the Las Vegas button we get a 5 page form that looks totally different. I COULD create one button and have a junction to auto select the form based on criteria using Conga.

Example 4:

When you have hundreds of appointments a week who wants to click each button individually. That is too tedious. That is where Conga Batches batch processing comes in. There are a number of forms that need to be printed in BATCH. In this example we go to the Area (basically the office for that area) we are on the “Bulk Print Area Forms” tab. Then there a number of subtabs. Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Bowel Movement, Fusion Mars, Medical Appointment Forms, Med Lists, Nurse’s Notes, Weight Tracking, Global Cash Statement. Each one of these sub tabs reveals a custom list of people that have forms ready to print. For instance in the blood glucose list we would filter the list using SKUID to only show patients that were diabetic etc. In this example we are showing clients (only 3 because these are my fake clients for testing), when I select the check boxes next to the people the “Print Selected Cleint’s Med List” button appears (it does not appear until someone is selected). When the button is clicked it loads the Conga Batch dialog box and allows us to batch print everyone that is selected. We make sure the list is limited to 50 so they are reminded to only select 50 at a time. So we have basically created a CONGA hub where people can print exactly what they need but in bulk.


The Conga and Skuid dynamic duo makes it easy to customize the look and feel of Salesforce, helps your staff become more efficient and saves loads of time! Contact Support or to discuss your use case.

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