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Conga Grid RELEASE 1.49.165 - May 2016

New Features and Enhancements

Formula Mass Update

You can use Mass Update to apply a formula to structured Salesforce data. For example, you can modify all Opportunity Close Dates by one month.

Redesigned Clone Records

The Clone Record action has a new look and feel. You can set lookups before invoking the Clone operation.

Remove Columns

You can remove columns used in Conditional Formatting and Formula Fields while they are still active.

Color Wheel

A new color wheel lets you select custom colors for Conditional Formatting.

Collapse and Expand All

The Collapse All and Expand All state persists with grouping.

Add in Place

Default values are now respected when using the Add In Place feature.

Issues Resolved

The Campaign Member Status field works correctly when Campaign Members have Record Types.
Keyboard shortcuts work correctly after you click the Save button or cancel the Save View dialog.
Resetting a default Formula Column works correctly.
You can load a saved default view with child Conga Grids.
Foreign key lookups work correctly when using the spyglass icon with Batch Add Task.
Focus events have been fixed with the Reading Pane and adding records inline.
The spyglass lookup icon works correctly with Pricebooks in the Reading Pane.
The Search tool works correctly with Price Book Entry fields.
Data loads correctly in the Conga Grid Explorer when adding encrypted fields to the view.
Results are now correct when changing filter logic to 1 OR 2 in a related list.
Relative date filters work correctly.
Issues have been resolved with grouping by number column subtotals.
Hard-coded User object fields respect Salesforce values.
The related list wizards (Multi-Tabular Automatic, Multi-Tabular Manual, and Single) create the proper Campaign Members view.
Modifying a related list child Conga Grid no longer creates a "dirty" view.
Decimal places display correctly in both currency fields and native Salesforce page layouts.
Text copies correctly to the Salesforce search field when you click on the spyglass icon in Mass Update.
You no longer have to clear the view name to prevent saving over a view, when using the Drill Up action.
Filter logic is retained when you add a column before saving a view.
Setting the cursor in a Reading Pane tab no longer creates a "dirty" view.
Grouping with Select All works correctly when the Toolbar changes.
Hard-coded Save Views uses record-type drop-down lists.
Filtered lookups work correctly.
Relabeling a column correctly focuses on the text field.
The Fill-Down tool works correctly with Quantity in Opportunity Product Price.
Visualforce pages fully display in the Preview window.
Expanded Preview windows update when adding or removing Preview tabs.
Formula Fields no longer require right justification when numbers have negative values.
Boolean logic deletion is now respected.
Manual changes to filter logic are now saved to the view.
Pressing the Enter key moves down a cell and selects text, just like the Tab key.
The Summarize Column child menu uses relabeled column names when applicable.
Toggling to full screen works correctly with non-standard related lists.
Toggling to full screen works correctly when the view ID is sent to a different object.
The View definition JSON field is appropriately sized.
The Filter Logic window now has a Clear Filters button.
The Single Conga Grid Tab VF Page no longer issues an error message in Conga Grid Setup.
Partner Community Users now display as options in the Lookup area.
Mass updating dates/times works correctly in all locales and time zones.
Child Conga Grid views no longer hop on row selection in the Reading Pane.
The concatenate operator works correctly in the formula editor.
Formula columns save correctly in related lists viewed in a Reading Pane.
Adding records inline no longer adds "Null" to the phone field in Detail Templates.
Formula fields no longer sum at the bottom of the grid.
Standard users can now use the Full Screen toggle button.
Field labels are correct in conditional formatting and JavaScript operator menus.
Lookups in the grid correctly support HTML.
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