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Conga Grid RELEASE 1.49.187 - JULY 2016

New Features and Enhancements

Updates to Save and Save View

The Save button provides a drop-down list of choices:

  • Save View As: Invokes the Save View / Save View As window so that you can create individualized views.
  • Save Data: Saves edits to your data.
  • Revert Data: Reverts all edits to your data from the current session.

Clicking the Save button saves both the current view and any edits to your data.

Column Settings

Right-click on a column (field) header and select Column Settings to:

  • Assign a column Label.
  • Set the column to Read Only.
  • Set the column to Required.

Wizard for Inserting Visualforce Pages into a Page Layout

A new wizard lets you insert Visualforce pages into a page layout.

Wizard for Converting List Views to Conga Grid Views

A new wizard is available in Conga Grid Setup that creates Conga Grid views from existing Salesforce list views. You can select all list views or specific ones. You can optionally create Visualforce pages from the list views.

Keyboard Shortcut for Moving Up One Row

Use the Shift+Enter key combination to move up a row in the Conga Grid.

Email Template / Compose

If you are working with an object that has an email address field, you can now send emails using Conga Grid. Salesforce emails are now logged in the Activity History.

Issues Resolved

Users now display in Conga Grid Setup.

Data save correctly when you click the Save button while editing a cell that is not yet dirty.

Expand All and Collapse All options save correctly when you click the Save button.

Clone Window resizes properly when invoked in a related list Conga Grid.

The Action button works on mobile devices.

The Conga Grid displays zeros in Percentage fields.

The + tab in the Reading Pane is no longer visible when Configure is disabled in Settings.

Conga Grid checks for feature security with keyboard shortcuts.

Send Email / Compose / Salesforce emails are now logged in the Activity History.

Page buttons no longer overlap on Mac platforms (Safari and Chrome).

Phone numbers format correctly when editing and adding records in place.

Font sizes display correctly in the Actions menu when using Firefox browsers.

The Reading Pane works correctly when you switch between orientations.

Windows no longer scrolls to the bottom of the Conga Grid when you use Filter Logic.

Scrolling works correctly on mobile devices.

Filter Logic applies the correct formatting to dates.

Child Conga Grid tab selection is retained in the Reading Pane in Saved Views.

Column data no longer shift in Conga Grid rows when using Conditional Formatting on a grouped column.

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