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Conga Support

Conga Grid Release 1.54.15 - September, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

User Interface

To make the toolbar cleaner, edit mode is on by default (if permitted by Feature Security) and the Edit button has been removed from the current view. The Edit button is still visible if the grid is not in edit mode.

Quick Graphs

Use the Chart tab in the Reading Pane to graph numeric fields and groupings.

Detail Grid

Use the Detail Grid in the Reading Pane to view and edit more fields for a selected record.

Copy and Paste

You can copy and paste tabular data into new or existing records. Conga Grid currently supports copy-and-paste functions from Google Docs, Microsoft Excel (desktop only), and Apple Numbers.

Column Default Values

You can set default values for fields (columns).

Buttons for Custom Actions

You can create a button on the toolbar to invoke a custom action.

Lightning Component

A new Salesforce metadata object allows Conga Grid to be used with the Lightning App Builder without any VisualForce code.

Issues Resolved

  • Send Email and Compose emails in Salesforce are now logged in Activity History.
  • Views load correctly in Salesforce Professional Edition.
  • Text Area Parent Column names can be re-labeled.
  • Export to Excel works correctly with multiple groupings.
  • An issue with default visible enable/disable has been resolved with Feature Security.
  • The Reading Pane no longer crashes when switching between orientations.
  • Fonts no longer resize when using the Actions menu with Firefox browsers.
  • Mass Update and views no longer issue Rest API errors in Salesforce Professional Edition.
  • Checking and unchecking work correctly with Smart Filters.
  • "Quick Save" no longer saves record IDs into a view.
  • The Batch Delete option is on by default if you saved a global Feature Security.
  • The Save View option is no longer available in the Configure menu if it is disabled in Feature Security.
  • Phone numbers are formatted correctly when editing or adding records in place.
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