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Conga Grid Release 1.58.10 - October 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • A new Conga Grid Quick Start tab lets you quickly set up Conga Grid℠ using pre-configured templates or by importing existing Salesforce® data from your organization. These options were designed for new Conga Grid or Salesforce users who are not familiar with configuring Conga Grid. Two options are available:
    • Quick Grid Templates: This option creates a Conga Grid layout based on one of four common roles: Sales, Case Management, Account Management, and Salesforce Admin. The layout includes tabs and object views that are unique to that role. For example, the Account Management template creates a Conga Grid view based on the Account object, with a Multi-Tabular grid in a Reading Pane with tabs for Opportunities, Contacts, Cases, and others.
    • Import From Existing Salesforce: This option creates a Conga Grid layout based on existing Salesforce apps, list views, reports, or commonly used objects.
  • You can enable the Salesforce Lightning® Experience in Conga Grid. See Configure Conga Grid for Lightning.
  • New keyboard shortcuts are available.
    • Press CTRL+[ or CTRL+] to traverse between parent and child grids.
  • The Filter Logic screen has a new Scope drop-down list that limits filtering results by the filterScope metadata API field.

Issues Resolved

  • Conditional formatting works with formula fields.
  • The Related Column filter in the Configure menu works correctly.
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