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Conga Support

Conga Grid Release 1.64.4 - May 16, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • In the filtering logic, you can show a scope selected and it is applied to SOQL settings.

  • Campaign Members can send email.

  • Shared and Public Read Only views prompt the Save View As form.

  • You can pick a master-detail value from spyglass lookup.

  • The items per page reading pane related list no longer reverts to default page size.   

  • The Quote LineItem value no longer sends an error if the SalesPrice object is set to zero.                              

  • If your Conga Grid instance has groupings, you can collapse all groupings.  

  • The date filter with AND logic no longer switches to OR logic when you edit filters.     

  • The Save View link view displays the updated view successfully.             

  • The Save View link opens the Save View form when you are the owner of that view.

  • Conga Grid Multitab save view retains changes made in tabs that are active when loaded. 

  • Grouping by column no longer removes conditional formatting from the grid.

  • You can rename Long/Rich Text field with Column Settings options.   

  • Shared views can save.

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