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Conga Support

Conga Grid Release 1.74.17 - August 23, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • Editing Opportunity fields on Opportunity Products created an error that was fixed.
  • Adding Events in a Conga Grid Related List generated an error that was fixed.
  • The Import feature no longer hangs when you perform an action. 
  • When you install the CPQ template, you receive an updated version of the template on your Quote Grid.
  • You no longer need to select the Reset View if Conga Grid hangs due to an error.
  • The CPQ Quick Start template appears correctly in the user interface.
  • Related Columns filter with excludes option performs the correct function. 
  • Adding an Encrypted text field to child object no longer generates a console error.
  • When you look at the number of records, it displays the total number of records for that object.
  • When copying and pasting multiple values into Look-up fields the values paste properly.
  • Conditional formatting style Icons are no longer missing in the Salesforce Classic user interface.
  • Filter icons work properly in the Salesforce Classic user interface.


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