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Conga Grid Release 1.79.14 - September 20, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Labels on a grid change based on your locale. If you have a different language accessed on your grid, the field labels switch to reflect that language.
    • All new and saved views created or updated in version 1.79.14 or later have a new setting that stores the language of the user who created it. If you load a view with the setting enabled, Conga Grid changes the language of the column headers when your language does not match the language saved in the view.

    •  When a view is localized, Conga Grid does not maintain the Column Settings re-labeled text.

  • When you select a Picklist value in a detail grid, Dependent Picklists show filtered values.

Issues Resolved

  • If you click into a parental lookup field, you no longer see an error message.
  • A grid of related Account records opens in a new tab without error messages.
  • Importing data from a zip file no longer fails with an error. You receive a series of windows allowing you to choose which parts of the zip file you would like to import.
  • If you click into a Lookup field, the value appears and you no longer see an error message. 
  • The Custom Action text editor saves Quotes correctly. Saving Incorrectly. If you save a new or edited custom action, the text editor no longer changes characters such as quotes and ampersands into &quot and &amp.
  • K-State active tabs run queries once and display on the page. When you load a multi-tab grid, the tab which is assigned to active K-State active no longer runs its query twice before displaying information. 
  • Column totals display at the bottom of the Annual Revenue field in your grid. 
  • Request Action Indicator appears on the Column cell. If you request an action on a column. The request indicator appears on that column cell.
  • Conga Grid no longer hangs after saving edited data.
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