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Conga Support

Conga Grid Release 1.82.14 - November 10, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Assigning Permission Sets
    • Now that Conga Grid is installed in your Org, you need to give your Users access to the app. To give your Users access, you must assign Permission Sets to the Users at the Profile level and grant them a Conga Grid license. See Manage Licenses and Assign Permission Sets for more information.
  • Chatter
    • Conga Grid utilizes the Salesforce Chatter product to communicate with other members of their org. Conga Grid users can request actions be taken on specific fields in a grid and see that request in Chatter.
  • Request Action
    • You can request actions on fields in columns that notify a user of activities and actionable items in your Grid. The notified party sees activity in their Salesforce Chatter window. For more information, see Request Actions.
  • Import/Export 
    • In the Conga Grid Setup tab, you can click Import and update your existing settings and custom actions in their orgs. 

Issues Resolved

  • Conga Grid now loads data properly when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • When using the Microsoft Edge browser, the Export To Excel feature works properly.
  • Rich Text Area fields display HTML tags and image source for attached images on your grid.
  • Request Action indicator appears in embedded Conga Grid page layouts.
  • Completing requested actions by standard users removes request action indicators.
  • Freezing a column no longer removes request action indicators from your grid.
  • Expanding the reading pane no longer removes request action Indicators from your grid.
  • You can add or cancel request actions by selecting text inside a cell.
  • You can cancel a request action if you select one or more rows.