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Conga Support

Conga Grid Release 1.89.3 - July 9th, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • Conga Grid allows you to display action result records in a new window or new tab while in the Lightning experience.
  • You can open records in a new tab or new window while in the Lightning experience so you can view an individual record and easily return to your Conga Grid view.
  • The Multi-currency field in Conga Grid now matches with currency field in Salesforce Classic. 

Issues Resolved

  • Additional Apex handling added for encrypted standard fields.
  • When you click on the Account Lookup Dropdown to select an account, you have a list of accounts available to choose from.
  • When you drag a field in the Detail Grid, the field no longer sticks to the screen.
  • When you attempt to choose a lookup value while in a full screen related list, the spyglass window is responsive.
  • When you attempt to perform an action with too much data selected, the following error message displays: "Your data selection is too large. Reduce the number of fields, rows, or objects you have selected and try again.
  • When you check an unchecked filter option to bring certain values back to the grid, the checkbox no longer remains unchecked with the values not added back to the grid.
  • You can now add the field Currency ISO Code to the grid of a custom object without an error being thrown and nothing happening. 
  • The Create button from the Conga Grid Quick Start Custom Action Related List is now visible in Safari.
  • Filters for the Due Date field on the Task Grid save.
  • Inputting a decimal into a currency field no longer blocks users with an exclamation point.
  • When you drill up or down on Account records, or clone Account records, the results correctly displays in a new tab in the Lightning experience when using Safari.
  • When adding a Partner record in-line on a Multi-tabular Opportunity record, selecting Account From field no longer sends you to the Salesforce login screen. 
  • Cloning an encrypted field no longer results in an error.