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Composer Major Release: July 6, 2016

What's new in Composer

  • Upgrade Composer's Salesforce connection to their latest API version (SF API v37)
    • Upgraded from v29 to v37 so all new features available in Salesforce are now available in Composer.
    • New objects in Salesforce can now be pulled into Composer documents.
    • New feature in Summer allows you to relate a contact to multiple accounts (see Salesforce documentation for more information).
  • New support for Salesforce Files as a Template with Activity Logging
    • Content has been rebranded as Files and a new UI is available.
    • This is a new feature allowing you to save any document as a file vs. only as an attachment.
    • Imagine it like Google drive, you can now search all of your files (documents) vs. trying to find a document in a specific opportunity.
  • Watermark in a PDF Template
  • Implemented a Content Delivery Network
    • Improves the speed and performance of front-end services globally across Composer product line
  • Conga Batch UI - Disable the Setup button for non-admin users
  • Sertifi Integration Enhancement: Pass-through Parameter Method
    • We now have a pass through option for all Sertifi parameters.
  • DocuSign Integration Enhancements
    • Sign Now with "In person Signing“ – mobile option to sign in person
    • QuickAdd Recipient.
    • Define by name and email address. A recipient no longer has to be associated with a Salesforce ContractID.
    • New value for the DocuSign Endpoint parameter: EU
    • DocuSign Enhancement: SigningGroup
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