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Composer Release 8.14.27 - June 7, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • The number of Box folders that can be accessed by Composer increased.
    • Previous limit: 100
    • New limit: 1000

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed the Renew Today link for expired Composer trials or subscriptions to point to the updated page.
  • Fixed an issues that caused an error when you try to access the Composer Setup page without having previously saved an Offline Access token. You can also click the Update Salesforce Token button on the set up page and reload the page. A new token is created in the database.
  • Fixed error message in Composer when the &id= <parameter> value contains extra spaces or an invalid Salesforce record ID. The error message states: The <id param value> parameter ID is not valid. Ensure that the parameter ID is 15 to 18 alpha-numeric characters and does not include spaces.
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