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Composer Release 8.14.31 - June 21, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Integration between Composer to Contracts Send for Negotiation email service was successful.
    • You can see edit and verify information in an email preview window before you send an email for negotiation in Contracts or send emails automatically.

    • New values were added to the DS7 parameter. For more information, see DS7.

Issues Resolved

  • Formatting for \* Card Text and \* Dollar text number in Word Documents was updated. When merging a currency or number field with 7 or more digits (1,000,000+) into a Word template and using formatting the value using either the * Card text or * Dollar text formatting, the value no longer gets corrupted.
  • You might have received the following error: "Unable to save the file(s) to Google Docs, please try again. Composer delivers documents to the Google Drive account of the user who has saved a Google Authentication token through the Composer setup pages as well as users who have credentials to authorize Google Drive in the Composer user interface when Composer starts.
  • When using &LiveEditVisible=1 in a Composer URL where the ? (question mark) character is also in use, the Enable LiveEdit checkbox on the Composer user interface no longer disappears.
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