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Conga Support

Composer Release 8.15.43 - November 15, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Conga Trigger improvements

    • Increased stability for workflow systems as well as scalability.

      • Previous systems would do a polling loop to see if core machines completed merge requests which caused instability and congestion. Conga Trigger no longer does the polling and load testing shows greater stability and fewer errors.

    • Dashboard updates

      • The summary table shows one row for every individual merge that was requested in the last 24 hours for that account up to a limit of 500 rows. You can filter on all column headers. For example: If you want to filter on the Status to see Errors first, you click Status and it filters the results. You can filter on the Date column to see ascending or descending results. For more about the dashboard, see The Conga Trigger Dashboard Tab.

      • The user can select to be emailed when they get close to the limit they set in the Alert Percent field.

      • All Record and Operation IDs are present. If a Record or Operation ID is not present or does not apply, N/A appears.

  • Conga Batch and Conga Trigger are supported with OneDrive, Box and Google Drive in the Asia-Pacific region.

Issues Resolved

  • You no longer see a locationUrl or setTimeout function errors due to the size of a client application and an application load time that exceeds 60 seconds.
  • Icons on the LiveEdit page are no longer render incorrectly after changes are made to CloudFront or the KendoUI file.