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Composer Release 8.15 - August 23, 2017

Major Release Summary 

Managed Package release Blanca
  • Quick Starts - Quick Starts are available in Composer 8.15 or later (see the Product Install Links to install or upgrade Composer). You can use the Quick Start wizard to get started with Composer solutions quickly. The wizard allows you to select and deploy pre-built solutions complete with queries, templates, and behavior settings that are already configured. For more information, see Composer Quick Starts.
  • Support for Conga Composer, Conga Batch, and Conga Trigger are available in the European Union (EU) environment.
    • Custom Metadata support for Composer handles North America (NA) and European Union (EU) environments.
    • Support for Composer for Salesforce1 is available in the EU environment.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Integration between Composer to Contracts Send for Negotiation email service was successful.
    • You can see edit and verify information in an email preview window before you send an email for negotiation in Contracts or send emails automatically.

    • New values were added to the DS7 parameter. For more information, see DS7.

    • Support for the &DS7=13 parameter. This parameter runs a merge in background mode, delivers the merged output to the user's browser, then returns the user to the Salesforce master record that initiated the merge
  • The number of Box folders that can be accessed by Composer increased from 100 to 1000.
  • You can use the bigtincan service to store files. Composer users must contact bigtincan support to enable the functionality for their account. For more details, see the bigtincan integration parameters.
  • Added &DS7Preview=2 parameter to hide the document download tray on the background preview UI in Composer.
  • Increased the maximum number of templates for each solution from 10 to 20. See Composer product data limits for more information.

Issues Resolved 

  • The {{User}} field merges into Conga Email Templates.
  • The IsSandboxEdition flag on the Accounts table in the Conga production environment is set correctly.
  • Date formatting issues were fixed in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Adobe PDF and Email templates for Salesforce users with the English (Canadian) locale.
  • Formatting for \* Card Text and \* Dollar text number in Word Documents was updated. When merging a currency or number field with 7 or more digits (1,000,000+) into a Word template and using formatting the value using either the * Card text or * Dollar text formatting, the value no longer gets corrupted.
  • You might have received the following error: Unable to save the file(s) to Google Docs, please try again. Composer delivers documents to the Google Drive account of the user who has saved a Google Authentication token through the Composer setup pages as well as users who have credentials to authorize Google Drive in the Composer user interface when Composer starts.
  • When using &LiveEditVisible=1 in a Composer URL where the (question mark) character is also in use, the Enable LiveEdit checkbox on the Composer user interface no longer disappears.
  • Fixed the Renew Today link for expired Composer trials or subscriptions to point to the updated page.
  • Fixed issues that caused an error when you try to access the Composer Setup page without having previously saved an Offline Access token. You can also click the Update Salesforce Token button on the setup page and reload the page. A new token is created in the database.
  • Standard security updates were implemented to resolve issues.
  • Composer verifies the &Id= <parameter> in Composer URLs. If a Salesforce record ID is passed into a Composer URL that is anything other than 15 or 18 characters, the following error is displayed: There was an issue getting the Conga Authorization response. The parameter ID must be 15 to 18 alphanumeric characters and cannot include spaces.
  • Removed Salesforce SessionId from Composer URLs when authenticating with oAuth and fixed an issue with Composer not authorizing through oAuth when the Connected app policy was set to All users may self-authorize.
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