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Conga Support

Composer Release 8.165 - July 17, 2018

Major Release Summary 

Managed Package release Crestone


New Features

The Conga Composer Setup tab now includes the Solution Migration which is enabled for Enterprise Composer customers. You can export Conga solution records from your Salesforce Sandbox through the Export button and can import those records into your Production environment. You can also import records from one Sandbox to another.

From the Composer Setup tab, upload a generated zip file and select import. The solution records are created in your desired org. For more information, see Conga Composer Solution Migration Utility Tool.

Issues Resolved 

  • A button is created with an appended incremental number to the API name when a solution is created with the Document Automation Wizard and the solution name is not unique.
  • In the Document Automation Wizard, the Upload and Create New Template buttons are located higher in the application window.
  • The SolutionPackTEST Apex class no longer fails in Sandbox Orgs. 
  • You can use a pop over window in the Template Builder.