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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.10 - June 2, 2018


  • CON-10530 - Load Time Reduced for Completed Flow Steps.  When a user completes a flow step in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, the processing time to refresh the screen has been reduced since only the Flow panel, and not the entire Profile, reloads.
  • CON-10555 - Role Permission Limits Updates to User Preferences.  A Limit Editing User Preferences check box has been added to the Role Profile screen to prevent users who hold this role from populating or editing the fields in the Name, Address, and Contact tabs in their User Preferences window.  A user holding a role with this limitation can still manage their passwords, system settings, Portal notifications, linked applications, and the Email Signature field in the Contract tab.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9940 - Document Packages Browse Screen Displays Different Date Formats.  When a user sets the date format display in their User Preferences window, the Document Packages browse screen now correctly displays the selected date format in the Created On column.  Previously, the date format displayed as MM/DD/YYYY even if another date format was selected.
  • CON-9950 - Updates Made to Company Profile During Supplier Registration Process are Not Recorded. When an external party makes an update to an additional field in the Company Profile screen from the Portal during the supplier registration process, that change is now recorded in the profile's History screen when the registration is approved.  
  • CON-9968 - Profile Rule Not Enforced for Description Field in Contract Request. When an Administrator writes a Profile Rule for a contract request type template requiring the Description field to be populated, the user must now populate the field when making a contract request using this template. Previously, the request could be submitted without populating this required field.
  • CON-10001 - Submitted Contract Requests are Failing (Locked).  In response to customer reports that submitting a contract request intermittently fails, there is now a failsafe to ensure the request is recorded.  Previously, a failed request disappeared, but now it displays in both the My Approvals screen for all those who can approve the request, and in the My Requests screen for the requestor, along with a refresh Icon Refresh Request.png icon.  When the icon is clicked, the request is unlocked and an email message is sent to each approver, notifying them of the pending request.
  • CON-10013 - User Role Cannot Be Deleted if Held by Archived User.  The system query has been changed to allow a user role to be deleted if it is held by one or more archived users. 
  • CON-10508 - Scrolling Not Available in Revisions Section of Documents Screen.  A scroll bar has been added to the Revisions section of the Documents screen in the Contract Profile to allow users visibility to document revisions when the number of documents exceeds 15.
  • CON-11123 - Steps in Invalidated Flow Can Be Completed From Email Messages.  Users can no longer complete or approve a step for an invalidated flow from an email message, causing the flow to move to the next step.  A system message is now generated, advising the user that the step cannot be completed because the flow has been invalidated.
  • CON-11153 - Cannot Create Profile Rule when Action Populates Description Field with More Than 254 Characters.  Administrators can now create a Profile Rule for a Contract, Company, or Project Profile that forces or defaults the value in the Description field with information that exceeds 254 characters.  The character limit for this field has been increased to its correct capacity of 40 pages of text.
  • CON-11215 - Cannot Search Email Distribution List Using People as Criteria.  A user with the Email Distribution Lists Admin permission can now search the Mail Distribution List Browse screen using Distribution People as the criteria without receiving an error message.
  • CON-11361 - eSignature Package Wizard Will Not Accept Email Address Not in Address Book.  Users can once again run the eSignature Package Wizard and enter the email address for any signatory or recipient in the Recipient Selection section of the wizard.  For a brief period, only the email addresses of those in the Address Book could be used in the wizard.