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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.14 - August 4, 2018

New features and enhancements

CON-11281 - Updated Portal JMS listeners. The Portal JMS listeners were updated to use the new persistent JMS class. Normal functionality continues after implementation of JMS Persistence and was verified for the following areas:

  • Disable/enable users
  • Creation and completion of Document Package
  • Creation, assignment, and completion of Score Card
  • Creation and Envelope completion of eSignature Document Packages

Also verified Self-Service requests are processed successfully after server is shut down in middle of requests being processed.

Issues resolved

  • CON-9492 - Packages stuck in submitted state with no invites sent out to signers. The DocuSign window opens to finalize and send out the package.
  • CON-11704 - The approval step email notification responses are not advancing flow. Email responses always advance the flow when issued with the operative phrase.
  • CON-11760 - DocuSign window fails to load in edge browser. The tagging window in DocuSign opens.
  • CON-11879 - Users replies to messaging thread emails not making it back into the system. The message records without fail every time.
  • CON-11994 - Sorting the Company Browse Grid on Tax Id does not sort properly. Regardless of the size of the data set, the Tax ID column sorts all of the companies across all pages properly.
  • CON-12013 - Self service request is processed but shows as submitted. The request does not be available for processing, nor does it show the icon for associated record being archived. The Request is in Accepted status.
  • CON-12109 - Error when creating new company with a contract flow of bad data. A new company is created.
  • CON-12066 - PDF Documents Reimported During Data Migration Cannot Be Searched.  When a customer runs an instance of Conga Contracts on their server and uses the Export/Import options to synchronize their version of the software with the current version, PDF documents that were OCRed, exported, and then re-imported back into the program can now be located by keywords, values, names, and text strings contained in the document using the Search option.
  • CON-12129 - Approved Contract Request Does Not Transfer Description to Contract Profile.  When a user submits a contract request using a template with a Description field and populates the field, the text in this field now displays in the Contract Profile that is created when the request is approved.