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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.15 - August 11, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-12184 - New user interface components were added. New elements were connected to forms components.
  • CON-12185 - Data mapping was added for combination boxes in the user interface. Data is populated correctly into a combination box from the Report Upload Page.

Issues resolved

  • CON-12024 - Reports gather data quickly. If you run an analytics report and data is updated frequently, the process time is much faster.
  • CON-11797 - Errors avoided when creating or editing a contract profile. Contracts open in edit mode without an error message.
  • CON-12041 - Creation template step Not Auto Attach Document checkbox saves when checked. The Creation Template step Not Auto Attach Document checkbox in Contract Flows saves changes.
  • CON-12052 - Creation template step does not automatically run if clauses are mapped. If a creation template step does not have missing information or issues the step runs automatically.
  • CON-12092 - Unable to select a routing table. You can select a routing table and run a workflow. Routing table selections appear as they are configured in a workflow template.
  • CON-12155 - Step note icons begin to disappear from contract profiles as flow progresses. All steps with notes show the note icon during a flow process.
  • CON-12164 - Step notes are cleared when a step is overridden. Flow notes are stored in flow activity grid for steps that are overridden.
  • CON-12211 - Update step with Text Field not allowing users to enter value.  The Contract Flow Update step with a text field allows users to enter value.
  • CON-11867 - Event person fields missing from search query. Event reminder people and Event notification people are are no loner missing from a search query for company events and contract events. These fields are available in reports, advanced edit, flow step restrictions, and so on. They are available in search queries.


Conga Contracts Suite
The following issues were resolved for the Contracts Suite which applies to both Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Contracts.
  • CON-11957 - File corrupted when downloading document from Conga Contracts. The original Document revision downloads and opens without error.
  • CON-12225 - Numeric dynamic field error. Cong Contracts no longer shows an error when processing a numeric dynamic field value.
  • CON-11960 - Latest file name is not reflected in Conga Contracts when uploading new revisions with different filename in Salesforce. You might use the file name to differentiate between versions of documents. When the revision is uploaded in Conga Contracts with the new file name, Salesforce correctly reflects the new file name. When the revision is uploaded in Salesforce, Conga Contracts updates the file name as well.