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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.16 - August 18, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-10334 - Materialized views. As a contract administrator running an analytics report, You can run a report to pull contract data.
  • CON-12186 - Custom Report Page Needs to Submit. The submit button works on all supported Web browsers. 
  • CON-12272 - Translation. Translated files can be used in the application in your preferred language.
  • CON-12315 -  Add Conga icon to browser tab for new Report Upload user interface. Report Upload pages have a Conga icon in the browser tab.

Issues resolved

  • CON-11317 - Application logic was changed to use the non-blocking logging mechanism for the AppUserHistory table.
  • CON-12036 - Document profile page opens blank for specific document only. Document Profile page opens with relevant data.
  • CON-12038 - Single use form added to contract multiple times. Standard screen with data already entered and the option to edit.
  • CON-12089 - Document profile page opens blank for two specific documents. Document Profile page opens with relevant data.
  • CON-12131 - Flow step assignee filter loads data selection one time. The field value is reloaded based on the selection in the Condition.
  • CON-12288 - New Report Upload page does not display in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The page loads properly in Internet Explorer.
  • CON-12289 - Responsive Design issues in new Report Upload page. Text overlaps, components are re-ordered, and components move into different sections of the page as the screen is resized.
  • CON-12313 - Cannot scroll through Report Description field in new Report Upload page. You cannot scroll through the text.
  • CON-12365 - Sessions ending unexpectedly. User sessions do not end and no exceptions are thrown.
  • CON-12378 - Error fetching data from server. No errors are thrown.
  • CON-12421 - Report Group picklist values not displaying in Firefox in new Report Upload user interface. If you navigate to the new report upload page in Firefox, the picklist values for the Report Group field does not display. If you select one of these blank values, a blank value displays in the Report Group field.
  • CON-12456 - Blank filename, yields document type required error. You see an error message that the FileName is required.
  • CON-12362 - Responsibilities are not being displayed as required. If the responsibility is required, then it displays.


Conga Contracts Suite
The following issues were resolved for the Contracts Suite which applies to both Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Contracts.
  • CON-11963 - Document revisions being omitted from Conga Contracts. You see one document with two revisions.