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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.17 - September 8, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-12247 - You can navigate between the custom report page and dashboard.
  • CON-12364  - Text and combo boxes were updated with appropriate text, sizing, colors and buttons.
  • CON-12392 -  You can create and review reports on the dashboard. A new data column on the report browse grid is available that shows the data and time reports ran. In the dashboard, you see updates any time a report is ran in any format.

Issues resolved

  • CON-11889 - Indexing was updated. You now see a list of documents in ALL DOCUMENTS and can extract them from the system. The API uploads the documents into the system as a revision to the original document.
  • CON-11586 - Saved queries issues were resolved. Two different errors were displayed when attempting to save queries. Query results are now available to export an Excel spreadsheet. The following errors were resolved: "Timeout, query times out on the server," or "Error fetching data from server - Error: Please review search criteria that have been entered."
  • CON-11928 - You can search the clause library data. The Clause Library data on a contract profile not visible for selection in the BI Toolbox when adding contracts. You can select the clause entity Contract Clause and report on the data as it relates to a document on a contract.
  • CON-12316 -  The Selected Report Group no longer greys out in the new Report Upload user interface. If you add a value to the Report Name, Upload Form, or Report Description fields in Report Upload, the text was dark grey or black. If you add a value to the Report Group field, it is added in light grey text. The color of values added to all fields on this page are now the same. 
  • CON-12359 - The API PUT Method updates the company on companyperson endpoint.  When making a REST call using the PUT method to the companyperson endpoint, all of the person fields with the exception of the company record that the person is tied to are updated.
  • CON-12381- You no longer get an import failure when the renewal Interval field value is 0. Uploads as successful without errors.
  • CON-12577 - Sessions no longer stay open and running when you export a report to PDF and Excel. If the export fails or complete, the master session closes.
  • CON-12404 - The Submit button translates to the desired language. The submit button does not error out when it is clicked.
  • CON-10003 - Unusable links no longer appear in Work Log HistoryThe text for the link appears but is not linked.