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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.18 - September 15, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Toolbox 
    • The Business Intelligence (BI) Toolbox creates Analytical Reports and Dashboards using data and visual analysis in Conga Contracts. Reports can be shared with users and scheduled for distribution.  BI Dashboards are shared with other users through the BI Toolbox portlet in the Conga Contracts Dashboard.
    • Limitations: The version that is currently deployed does not display Visual Analysis charts when scheduled as a report and when you add the Download as PDF link.
  • CON-12191 - Amazon Web Services (AWS) trend agents were installed and configured  to monitor the usage of systems.
  • CON-12197 - An Encrypting File System (EFS) was implemented as a backup system.
  • CON-12198 - A development environment was changed to a cloud development environment.
  • CON-12631 - Implemented and deployed AWS across systems. 
  • CON-12659 - A user who has not logged into the system and tries to use the API see an error message.
  • CON-12669 - User interface front end Report coverage was added. 
  • CON-12670 - Back end Report coverage was added. 

Issues resolved

  • CON-12423 - Webhooks connect to the endpoint URLs.
  • CON-12383 - When attempting to open two specific documents, you no longer receive the following error message: Unhandled exception while loading ContractClause.
  • CON-12434 - The approval step completed through email completes in the application.
  • CON-12440 - Errors are no longer present and importing data rolls back.
  • CON-12472 - Process Document Clauses return correct results. The correct number of clauses is shown.
  • CON-12509 - Errors are not longer present when redlines are present.
  • CON-12519 - Edge refreshes the screen when a combo value is selected. After selecting a combo value in the combo box Report Group the whole screen refreshes.
  • CON-12538 - Routing table selection appear as is configured in workflow template.
  • CON-12703 - The bulk upload is successful and a company records are created.
  • CON-12704 - The user interface backend code is in a separate package for the unit test code coverage reporting.
  • CON-12746 - You are able to view and edit the report filters.
  • CON-12757 - The Update Step bad flow issue with LinkedComboValue parameter was fixed.


The following issues were resolved for the Contracts Suite which applies to both Conga Contracts and Contracts for Salesforce.
  • CON-11958 - Company phone field not syncing entire value. If you map the Salesforce Account Phone field to the Conga Contracts Company Phone field, then add a phone value to a Salesforce Account, the phone value syncs in Conga Contracts.
  • CON-11964 - If you include a plain text apostrophe in a text field in Salesforce, the value is synced over to Conga Contracts without errors. If you copy and paste an apostrophe from Microsoft Word into this same text field, the value syncs over to Conga Contracts.