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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.8 - April 28, 2018


  • CON-10454, 10455, and 10456 - eSignature Role Added to Contract Responsibility and eSignature Package Wizard.  In the List Administration screen, Administrators can now populate the new eSignature Role field for a contract responsibility with the Sign option to designate users who have the authority to sign a contract.  Users who have this authority are identified in the Responsibilities section of the Contract Profile, which now contains an eSignature Role field.  When the eSignature Package Wizard is run without a template, a user with the Sign authority is automatically added as a signatory in the Recipient Selection section of the wizard.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9632 - Cannot Create Profile Rule that Forces Value on Long Text Field. Administrators can now create a Profile Rule with an action that forces the value in a long text field by populating the field with up to 40 pages of text. Previously, the forced value in a long text field was limited to 254 characters, which is the limit for a regular text field.
  • CON-9781 - Filtering by Linked Combo List in Report Wizard Does Not Support List Hierarchy.  When a user runs the Report Wizard and uses a linked combo list containing a hierarchy of values as a filter, the values now correctly display in the Value field in the Report Filters step of the Wizard.
  • CON-9823 - No Results When Running Search Query for Company Creation Date. Users can once again successfully run a Search Query to identify a Company Profile that was created on a specific date.
    • To run the query, select Company in the Result Type field in the Search Query screen, and set the Criteria by selecting Company Created On in the first list, On in the second list, and entering the date the Profile was created in the third field.
  • CON-9861 - Cannot Perform Advanced Edit to Change Expiration Date for Contract Events.  Administrators can once again perform an advanced edit to replace the current expiration date of all contract events that fall on a certain date with an alternate date.
    • To perform the edit, click Admin Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Advanced Edit.  From the Data Filter screen, set the filter by selecting Contract Current Exp. Date in the first list, any option (After/Before/On) in the second list, and entering a date in the third field.  In the Replacement section of the screen, select Event Date in the list and enter the replacement date for the events in the blank field.
  • CON-10391 - Contract One-Click Report Displays No Results.  Users can once again click One Click Report in the toolbar of the Contract Profile screen, click the Download As Excel button, open the downloaded report, and expect data to be displayed in the spreadsheet.  For a brief period, only the report column headings (field names) displayed.
  • CON-10466 - Contract Flow Not Executing When Request Type is Used as Filter.  Administrators can now create a contract flow, set a Contract Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Request Type filter that defines a specific request type so that when a user creates a contract request using this request type, the flow runs on the Contract Profile after the request is approved.