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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.9 - May 12, 2018


  • CON-10450 - Rebranding.  All logos have been changed to Conga Contracts in our contract management solution. Customers have the option of retaining the old logo.
  • CON-11154 - Locked Requests Now Display in My Approvals and My Requests Screens.  Previously, when a user submitted a self-service contract request and the request failed, it was considered locked since there was no record of the request.  All locked self-service requests are now tracked and display with a refresh Icon Refresh Request.png icon in the My Approvals screen of those users with the Approver and Request Unlock Admin permissions and in the My Requests screen of those users with the Requester and Request Unlock Admin permissions.  When the icon is clicked, the contract request is unlocked and reprocessed.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9734 - Copying Advanced Report Does Not Update Author.  When a user makes a copy of an Advanced Report, the user copying the report is now designated as the author. Previously, the person who created the report was retained as the author, which resulted in duplicate reports when the report name was not changed.
  • CON-10096 - Custom Salesforce Fields Not Transferred in Submitted Contract Request.  When a Salesforce user submits a contract request to Conga Contracts and the request includes a custom pick list that was added in Salesforce, the pick list is now present when the request is received in Conga Contracts.
  • CON-10121 - Open in Word Option Not Functioning in MS Word 2010/2016 in Windows 7.  A new tool will soon be implemented to correct the inability to save changes to a document using the Open in Word option.  The issue is being experienced by customers using Microsoft Word 2010 or 2016 in the Windows 7 operating system.
  • CON-10209 - Compare Revisions Option Generates Duplicate Document Files for Approved Contract Request.  A user who creates a contract request and uploads a document to the request can now run the Compare Revisions option from the Documents screen in the Contract Profile after the request is approved, and the uploaded document file will not display twice in the Documents screen.
  • CON-10214 - Flow Email Message Does Not Reflect Changes to Additional Field Name.  When an Administrator updates the name of an additional field in the Contract Profile screen, and the additional field is included in the flow email template used when a message is generated for the flow, the updated name of the additional field now displays in the email message. 
  • CON-10317 - Standard Contract Fields Not Translated for Contract Request.  When a user makes a contract request and Spanish is the selected language, the standard fields in the request form now reflect the Spanish translations of fields such as Contract Type and Legal Entity.
  • CON-10322 - Launch eSignature Step in Contract Flow Produces Infinite Load Mask When Step is Canceled.  Users can once again click the Launch eSignature button for a flow step in a Contract Profile and then click the Cancel button when the eSignature Package Wizard launches without receiving a perpetual Processing message.
  • CON-10394 - Search Function in My Requests Screen Generates Error.  From the My Requests screen, users can include the new Request Owner field as one of the searchable fields, and then run a search to filter information in the screen without receiving an error message.
  • CON-11115 - Scrolling Not Available in Document Selection Section of eSignature Package Wizard.  A scroll bar has been added to the Document Selection section of the eSignature Package Wizard to allow users visibility to the documents sent for electronic signature when the number of documents exceeds seven (7).
  • CON-11143 - Editing Company Marked as Legal Entity Generates Error.  Users can once again open the Company Profile for a company marked as a legal entity, make edits to the Profile, and then save it without generating a Mark/Unmark as Entity error message.