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Conga Contracts 8.0 FAQ


Are the new flow steps being completed by the user or the admins?

As with the rest of the flow steps, if a user is assigned to that step, then they will be able to complete it. A Flow Admin will be able to override those steps, if necessary.  It is important to note that when an admin overrides a step that branches (an approval step, for example) the system will default to the approval path.

Furthermore, if a step is set to automatically run, then no user or admin will be required to complete the step.

Is it possible to set up an option to not attach a document in the automatic notifications email?

As of right now, the document is attached at the flow level, meaning that the document will be attached to all steps once it is attached.  This design decision was made to make flow functionality closely resemble workflow, creating an easier transition from workflow to flow. 

Does the automatic notification get recorded in an audit trail/activity grid of the flow?

Yes, the detail can be seen in the Flow Activity Grid and also when you run searches and reports against the flow.

If we are testing our flow and have issues in the new version (but it is working in our current version), who do we reach out to?

Please reach out to our Support Team at

Is there a way to determine what documents are attached to a workflow?

Yes, a user can select which documents are attached to either a Contract Flow or Workflow.

What about at a mass level...not just individual workflows?

Currently, there is no way to do this. 

Do flows have to be built like the workflows for each contract type?

Flows can be set up against any contract field and/or any combination of fields, not just contract type. You can control which flows run against which contract profiles. You can NOT set up those restrictions and have a flow run against all contracts.

Does the communication step require a response if the step is set to automatic?

The step does not require a response to move it along even if it is set to automatic.

Is there a way to automate the step to complete the step after the email is received back into the system?

Yes.  In the Communication Step configuration in the Flow Panel Design screen, you will be able to select an option that will automatically complete the step.  By default, it will NOT be set to complete automatically.

Is the eSignature step compatible with DocuSign?

Yes, it is compatible with both DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

After the flow starts, if I add or change the Attorney on the People link, will the flow see the additional person when it gets to the approval step?

Yes.  If there are multiple attorney responsibilities set, then the flow step will be assigned to all of them and all of them will receive an email notification.

If documents are attached to a communication step, are they automatically included in the flow documents?

Yes, documents attached to a communication step are automatically added to the flow. If you attach a document to a flow, the most recent revision of the document will always go out with the flow steps.

Does a flow have the ability to reroute the negotiation back to the initial step if the current step is declined?

Yes, a flow can go back to past steps and past stages if the flow is set up to return to previous steps/stages when certain conditions are met.

Will the creation template step work if a field is missing?  For example, the "Address 2" merge field.

The creation template step will not automatically run if there are missing data fields in the template. Therefore, in this example, if Address 2 is mapped in the creation template and there is no data in the field, then the template will not automatically run; however, the template can still be run manually.

Is there an easy way to report on a particular flow step if the step name has changed over the years?

Yes, running a report or a search query can pull back data around the flow steps that have changed over the years.

Is the maximum number of people who can be automatically notified different or the same for On-Premises users?

The 100-person limit is the same for both SaaS and on-premise clients.

What does the Override button do?

The Override button is only available to Flow Admins and is used to override flow steps.  With approval steps, the Override button will always go down the ‘Approve’ path.

Where does negotiation and redlining take place?

Redlining will take place on the Document Profile outside of the flow. The framework for the negotiation can be built with flow.

Can your request type select a flow based on data entered?

No, filters can be applied to the flow to kick-off the correct flow based on contract data that has come over from the request.


Are the new dashboards meant for only new users or does it override existing Dashboards? 

This new features gives new users a starting point when first log in.  Existing users can also benefit from the default dashboards if they choose to reset their dashboard.  It is important to note that setting a default dashboard will not clear out the user’s existing dashboard.

Can you set custom dashboards and workflow portlets for existing users?

Yes, when you set a default dashboard it will be set for new users and can be set for existing users.  New users will see the default dashboard upon initial login and existing users can reset their screen state to switch to the default.

How do you clear the screen state to reset to the default dashboard?

Press CTRL + ALT + C from the Dashboard to display a prompt that will clear the screen state. Select Yes in the prompt.

If someone has their dashboard configured and you set up a default dashboard, does it erase what they have chosen... or does it only erase if you use the Control function?

Setting up a default dashboard will not erase the current dashboard configurations that your existing users have set up.  The dashboards will only be reset if they use the CTRL + ALT + C keys and select Yes in the Clear Screen State prompt.

Can users still put search queries on our dashboard?

You will still be able to put Search Queries into dashboard portlets; however, you will not be able to set them up as system defaults.

Archive User Feature

What happens to the user's history when you archive the user? Will it still show that the archived user worked on a specific contract?

We made a design decision to make sure that history is preserved when archiving a user.

If you change the user, does it impact the History in the Contract Profile?

If you archive a user, the history of a contract will not be changed.  You can still search and report on the contract's information, as well as see the archived user in the History screen of the Contract Profile.

Do we have the option to archive a user without replacing with a new user?

We do require that a replacement user is selected.  The reason for this is that there are areas of the system where a user must be replaced, or you could run into future issues.  For example, if you have a single approver for a request or a single assignee on a flow step, another user must be assigned to the task/step. 

Is there the ability to select which contracts/responsibilities a specific user will take over from the archived user?

Not currently.

Is the archive user setting mandatory?

The archive user setting is not mandatory.  If you do not wish to archive a user, you can disable the user.

Contract Requests

What happens to the data in the "What type of contract is this" field? Does it carry over into the contract request?  Does it go onto the Contract Profile?

This data field will carry over into the Contract Profile.  However, to circumvent any confusion by end users, I have set up a profile rule to hide that field on all contract profiles, which means the field will only show up on the request and when you run a search or report.

Is the SOW/PO option custom or built specifically for "Requests"? How are SOW/PO's allocated in the system under the contract records?

You can use a Statement of Work or Purchase Order to build out a request using a real world scenario. You could set these requests up in a way that makes sense for your business.  Once you set these requests up, you can set them to default to a certain contract type and/or agreement type using profile rules.

Forgot Password Feature

Is the Forgot Password function turned on for everyone? What happens if an email address is not entered in the system settings? I don't want users to be misinformed if an email is not triggered to the System Admin.

Yes, a generic message will pop up letting the user know that a request to reset their password has been submitted.  The reason we choose this path is for security reasons.  If someone is maliciously trying to break into your system, we do not want to reveal information of any kind that could help them break into your system.

How will the Forgot Password function work for SSO systems?

The Forgot Password button will still be on the login page for SSO systems, but because a SSO user does not actually have a password, there will be nothing to reset even if they do submit a request.


When will 8.0 be released to production?

The full production release of 8.0 will be in effect on Saturday, August 5th.

Is the Document Preview button already active?  It's not showing up for me.  Is there a setting I need to change?

This button is indeed in Preview.  If you cannot see it, try clicking Icon Expand Toolbar.png in the toolbar of a Document Profile, and you should see the Preview button in that drop-down list.

What is the purpose of Null and Not Null in profile rules?

These options are intended to act as a condition for which actions can be taken off of.  For example, if the State of Incorporation field on a Contract Profile is Null, then the Country of Incorporation field should be required as a result.

What level of user can add language to the Clause Library?

A user must have the Clause Admin permission granted in one of their user roles.

Will "replace" be different from "removing & adding" using Advanced Edit? (We use remove and add when we want to replace a user on contract profiles.)

The Replace feature will act the same as the Add and Remove features.

Will entering a coterminous amendment extending the date of the parent automatically extend the expiration date of the Master contract?

No, updating the Master contract will roll down and update the children, but the children do not roll up to update the parent agreement.

Is there any way for the contract title to show up in the Agreement Link options instead of just Contract Type and Number?

If you enter the Contract Name or Title into the Contract Purpose field, then that information will show up in the Agreement Link drop-down in both in the Request screen and on the Contract Profile.

 Do most people use the Contract Purpose for the document title?

The Contract Purpose field has been used by clients for different purposes.  That being said, it is common for the Contract Purpose field to be used as the name or title of a contract.  Because of the wide variety of use cases for the field, we do not have plans to change the name of the field.

Will you be showing the "Forgot Password Option Added to Login Screen" in an upcoming webinar (Admin Specific Functions)?

Yes, we will be showing the Forgot Password functionality in that webinar.

If I use SSO, how can I log into my Preview environment?

Reach out to support and let them know you are looking for a preview login and we can get you set up with credentials for that instance.

If you are not using Request Bundles, do you have to assign a Bundle number?

No, assigning a number to your request bundles is optional; however, once the setting is enabled in the System Admin screen, it cannot be disabled.