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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release 1.61 - February 16, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • An administrator can customize a default email body text to the default Send for Negotiation email.

  • The user interface was updated to include a spinner that is displayed in the Document pop over window header while text is extracted in Capture mode. Also, un-redacted text in the pop-over window header is not displayed until extraction is complete.

Issues Resolved

  • If you are viewing redlines, the scroll animation allows you to quickly select an item in the Tree view.
  • When selecting text in True-Up, the document pop over window displays and a user is able to Capture text from documents.
  • Documents can be created with a date included and without any bookends. The extraction service grabs texts for unknown changes.
  • The extract service finds the selected text if items are deleted from portions in the text.
  • If you have a Validation Rule, Workflow rule, or Process Builder process enabled by selecting Send in the Send for Negotiation user interface, you might see the following error: "Email could not be sent. An error occurred when trying to send your email. Please try again later."
  • If you create a Word document with formatted text, for example, bolded text, or bulleted points, upload the document as a Contract, select View Redlines > True-Up, highlight formatted text, and select New Clause in the clause section of the pop over window, the rich text renders. 
  • An error no longer displays when you add a second document to the document type record with ADDINS inserted around the bulleted list.