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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release 8.1.22 - November 10, 2018


New Features and Enhancements

  • You are able to manage your own Self-Service integrations. For more information, see Managing Self-Service Integrations.
  • There is a new modal on the Request Approval page similar to what a requester sees.  If you go to the Approval grid, you can click on an approval and view summary information for the request.
  • Requests coming through between Conga Contracts and Conga Contracts for Salesforce now respect the Missing Parent Checkbox.
    • If a request is submitted from Contracts for Salesforce, and the option for allowing the missing parent is enabled in Admin > System Settings, then the request or contract that comes from Contracts for Salesforce has the Missing Parent checkbox checked.
  • If you select Assign Responsibility for the requester in Admin > Contract Request Types, then the person that sent a request from Contracts for Salesforce is filled in as the responsible party on the subsequent contract created from their request.  That way, the requester can still be fed into a Contract Flow without manual intervention from the approver on the Contracts side.
    • The person that is created is an Email Only Person, and will not show up under My Place > People.

Issues Resolved

  • You no longer receive the error "Office Not Detected" when you click the Open in Word Button.
  • You can successfully add additional fields to a Company, Contract, or Project.
  • Analysis Grid - Refresh Data
    •  Analysis Grid no longer throws an error after Chart is added and when the rdAgRefreshData parameter is passed.
  • Analysis Grid - Show/Hide Options In Firefox
    • The Analysis Grid show/hide options icon works correctly in Firefox when Analysis Grid is included in a SubReport that has a Wait Panel.
  • Bookmarks - Analysis Grid Columns
    • Analysis Grid Columns visibility in the report is now properly saved to a bookmark and correctly restored.
  • Chart Canvas - AJAX Refresh
    • Initially conditioned out Canvas Chart that has Label Style Format set under Y-Axis is now correctly displayed after AJAX refresh.
  • BI Toolbox Info Installer - 1010Data
    • 64-bit 1010Data DLLs have been removed from the 32-bit version of BI Toolbox Server and BI Toolbox Studio, preventing a mismatch error.
  • BI Toolbox Studio - Procedure.REST
    • The Procedure.REST element is correctly showing in the BI Toolbox Studio.
  • OLAP Grid - Bookmarks
    • Older bookmarks containing static charts are restored correctly for OLAP.Grid elements.
  • Scheduler - Security
    • Security is improved for the Procedure.Scheduler Delete Task.