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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release 9.0.3 - February 16th, 2019


New Features and Enhancements

  • The Flow Templates screen now has a loading indicator when you click a flow template.
  • When a document is locked, it is no longer available for selection in a document package
  • You are now able to disable Salesforce integrations within Conga Contracts.
    • Go to Admin > System Settings > Integration Settings > Disable All.

Issues Resolved

  • When you merge the contract description field into a creation template, line breaks are no longer ignored.
  • Formatting within merge fields (uppercase, lowercase, first capital, title case) are now acknowledged when the Creation Template is ran.
  • Flow templates no longer open to a blank white page when you use Internet Explorer
  • You are able to open a document profile for a protected document if True Up is on. However due to the nature of the document, preview, compare, convert to PDF, document packages, and submitting for esignature are unavailable.
  • When using the profile rule to replace a user of a responsibility on a contract, it now replaces the user that is assigned to that contract responsibility as intended instead of adding them.
  • The Active Workflow Items tab for My Flow Steps now returns results when a logged in user has assigned and open Flow steps.
  • The combo field options and selected value on the User Preferences page now display properly in Firefox.
  • Auto Renewal - Auto Advance is now advancing to the correct Current Expiration Date if the Renewal Wizard is set to a past date and a batch job is run.
  • The Browse Grid search results are now filtering correctly when you use the top Search Bar and select Contracts..
  • The User Report person fields values are no longer swapped when you export to Excel.
  • You are now able to save, cancel, or edit messages when entering Edit Mode on a Global Message while using the Edge browser.
  • Only a single Responsibility is added to Contract if force and require actions are used in the same rule.