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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.0.5 - V7.0.5u1

Release Notes for v7.0.5 (9/3/16)



  • CON-7794 – Company and Contract One-Click Reports Are Now Downloaded as Excel XLSX Spreadsheets. Contracts has upgraded the Excel spreadsheet that displays when users select the One-Click Report button in a Company or Contract Profile, and then select the Download As Excel button. Previously, the spreadsheet displayed in binary format (XLS extension), but now displays in Open XML format (XLSX extension) to alleviate any display issues arising from the use of the 2007, and older versions, of Excel.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7464 – Flow Activity Grid in Contract Profile Displays Activity for All Profiles.  The Flow Activity Grid, which is displayed by selecting the  icon in a Contract Profile and then selecting Show Activity Grid, once again displays only the flow activity for the Contract Profile you are visiting, and not the activity for all the flows run on all the Contract Profiles stored in Contracts. This same issue was resolved for the flows displayed in the Flow view of the Workflows screen in a profile.
  • CON-7738 – Reporting on Currency Field in Dynamic Form Restricted to Two Decimal Places.  Users can now run a report on a dynamic form currency field that has been populated with a value containing more than two decimal places without the field being truncated to two decimal places.  For example, if a user enters 25.6875 in the dynamic form currency field and then generates a report on the field, the system no longer displays 25.69 in the field.  Instead, the full value of 25.6875 displays in both the One-Click Report and reports generated by the Report Wizard.
  • CON-7810 - Search on Request Bundle Status Generates System Error.  When users use Request and Request Bundle as the Result Type in a search, and then select Request Status as the criteria, the Value list no longer displays an Error Fetching Data from Server warning.
  • CON-7817 – Cannot Add Team Members to Project Workflow.  When users create a workflow in a Project Profile by running the Workflow Wizard, the Address Book once again displays properly when they select the Add Team Member button to add a program user to the Workflow Team.  Previously, the Submit and Cancel buttons in the Address Book were not visible, and therefore, users could not add additional members to a Project Workflow Team.
  • CON-7819 – Duplicate Contract Request Templates Created When Save Button is Depressed More Than Once.  When Administrators create a contract request type template and depress the Save button more than once, duplicate request type templates are no longer generated.
  • CON-7821 – Cannot Delete Tree List Items Used in Deleted Contract Requests.  From the List Admin screen, Administrators can once again delete any list item in a tree field that is not currently being used by a contract request or used in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.  Previously, Administrators could not delete a list item for a tree field in a dynamic form that was linked to a request template, and that template was used in a deleted contract request.
  • CON-7830 – Cannot Delete Items from Company Type and Company Category Lists.  Administrators can once again delete item selections in the Company Type and Company Category lists in the List Admin screen, providing the list items are not being used in a profile or contract request.
  • CON-7862 – Including Contract Agreement Link Field Generates Error in Report Wizard. Users no longer receive a system error when they add the Contract Agreement Link field as one of the selected fields when running the Report Wizard.  This error was generated only when report records included root contracts with linked incorporated contracts.

Release V7.0.5u1 (9/10/16)

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7914 – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Not Working for Unsearchable PDFs. The Document Search feature once again displays accurate results when users run a search for text that appears in an uploaded PDF document that was originally created as an image file.  PDF documents that are image files are typically scanned and the text in the document cannot be searched.
  • CON-7928 – Document Search Not Returning Results for Matching Text in Excel Files. The Document Search feature once again displays accurate results when users run a search for a keyword or phrase that appears in any Excel document that has been uploaded to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.