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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.0.9 - October 29, 2016

System Enhancements

  • SC-25 – Option to Link Final Document to Salesforce Contract Request.  Administrators who create the contract type templates in Salesforce can now configure a template so that the final document for an approved contract request is linked to the document file instead of having the document copied and stored in Salesforce.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8108 – Display Issue with Date/Timestamp in Search Query Results Screen.  When a Search Query returns results that include a date/timestamp field, the display is once again correctly formatted, and the date and time no longer display as a single string with no separation between date and time.
  • CON-8001 – Cannot Update Default Document Type Selection in Integration Settings Screen. Administrators can once again change the selection in the Default Document Type for Signed Documents list in the eSignature Settings view of the Integration Settings screen.  Previously, a wait message displayed, the field never loaded, and the change could not be saved.  
  • CON-7610 – Reassigned Email Message Does Not Contain Correct Assignor’s Name.  When an approver reassigns the responsibility for approving a contract request to another person, the email message received by the new approver once again correctly identifies the individual who reassigned the contract request to them.
  • SC-171 – Updates to Salesforce Mappings Not Being Saved.  When an Administrator updates the mapping between a Contract Type field and a Salesforce Contract Type field in the Salesforce Settings view of the Integration Settings screen, the mapping updates are once again saved.